Tile Cleaning & Grout Cleaning


Normal every day foot traffic, spills and use of improper cleaning products will ultimately result in undesirable looking grout, thus detracting from the look of your entire tile floor.

The most attractive tiles will loose their overall appeal if surrounded by dirty or stained grout.

Here's what Tony's will do to restore your tiled flooring Investments:

1.  We will first pre-inspect the tiled areas with you and note any pre-existing issues that may exist, for example:  damaged tiles, discolored or missing grout as well as identifying the type of tiled surface.

2.  The next step is to move any furniture or appliances and thoroughly vaccum these areas so they will be free of any loose soil, dust or debris.

3.  We will then apply a powerful pre-cleaner to the tile and grout in order to begin emulsifying the embedded dirt and built up grime.

4.  Once enough dwell time has passed and the pre-cleaner has loosed all of the dirt and grime, we can then hand scrub the tiles and individual grout lines.

5.  This is followed by a machine high pressure cleaning process that combines high speed rotary scrubbing and hot vapor steam to completely clean and sanitize your tile and grout lines.

6.  After your tiled floor is machine air dried, a clear penetrating sealer is applied by hand to protect the grout lines from discoloration and any future permanent stains.

This final sealing process will give you a longer lasting more permanent solution to dirty and stained grout.

We hope you can make the wise decision to give Tony's a call today so we can restore and protect your tiled flooring investments.



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